Tom Canavan 31-May-18

First Name: Tom
Last Name:Canavan
Rank: Seaman
Regiment: Mercantile Marines
Military Number:
Place of Birth:Carna Connemara
Place of Death:Trawler Pretty Polly
Date of Death:31-May-18
Additional Information:

Supplementary Notes: Son of the late Tom & Bridget Canavan; husband of Bridget Canavan (nee Mc Donogh) of Ard East, Carna, Connemara, Co. Galway.

Remembered: Tower Hill Memorial-London-United Kingdom.

On May 31st, 1918, Pretty Polly, a British trawler of 19 tons, was sunk by the German submarine U-101 (Carl-Siegfried Ritter von Georg), off Roundstone Bay, Galway.

CANAVAN, TOM (63), Fisherman, Pretty Polly, Mercantile Marine, †31/05/1918, Son of the late Tom and Bridget Canavan; husband of Bridget Canavan, (nee McDonogh), of Ard East, Carna, Galway. Born at Ard East, Carna, Galway, Memorial: Tower Hill Memorial

The Smack was the type of fishing boat that brought home the fish to Market for most of the 19th Century, up to the Second World War .

The smack was usually ketch rigged, some had a topsail on the Mizzen mast , while others had a bowsprit carrying a jib.

These boats were very popular in Brixham, Grimsby and Lowestoft. Having sails in red ochre, they were a picturesque sight.

Mercantile Marines

Mercantile Marines

Trawler pretty polly

Trawler Pretty Polly

Tower Hill Memorial-London-United Kingdom. ()

Tower Hill Memorial-London-United Kingdom.()

Pretty Polly. ( The smack 19 Tons Fishing Boat)

Pretty Polly. ( The smack 19 Tons Fishing Boat)