Patrick O'Connor 31-May-16

First Name: Patrick
Last Name:O'Connor
Rank: Leading Stoker
Regiment: Royal Navy
Military Number:172086
Place of Birth:Galway
Place of Death:HMS Black Prince (Jutland)
Date of Death:31-May-16
Additional Information:

Killed in Action: (Jutland) 31 May 1916 Age 43.

Supplementary Notes: Born:  Galway.

Remembered: Plymouth Naval Memorial-Devon-United Kingdom (15)

HMS BLACK PRINCE participated in the Battle of Jutland, but her end was a mistery for many years, as she had lost contact with the British fleet. The German account reads that HMS BLACK PRINCE briefly engaged the German battleship RHEINLAND at about 23:35 GMT, scoring two hits with 6-inch shells.

HMS BLACK PRINCE then approached the German lines and she turned away from the German battleships, but it was too late. The German battleship THURINGEN fixed the BLACK PRINCE in her searchlights and opened fire.

Up to five other German ships, including battleships NASSAU, OSTFRIESLAND and FRIEDRICH DER GROSSE joined. BLACK PRINCE was hit by at least twelve heavy shells and several smaller ones and sank within 15 minutes with no surivivors of her 857 complement.

The Battle of Jutland (Skagerrakschlacht) was the largest naval battle of World War I, fought between 31st May and 1st June 1916, in the North Sea near Jutland, Denmark. The Germans’ plan was to use five modern battlecruisers to lure the British through a submarine picket line and into the path of the main German fleet.

The plan didn’t succeed, but the battle is considered to be won by the Germans, giving the Royal Navy a heavy blow.

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HMS Black Prince

HMS Black Prince

HMS Black Prince in colour

HMS Black Prince in colour

Plymouth Naval Memorial - Devon- United Kingdom.(15)

Plymouth Naval Memorial-Devon- United Kingdom. (15)